Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What inspired my Buddha series?

My fascination with spirituality and ancient mysticism has taken me on a journey through Southeast Asia, where I’ve not only seen, but also felt the search for true human purpose and harmony of existence.

The distinct interpretation of Buddhism in Japan, Thailand, and China gave birth to my latest series of Buddha faces.

Just like the different cultures have adopted the spirituality in their own way, so have I - by portraying the fundamental principals of Buddhism through the vibration of colors and textures.
Each piece has a prevailing color, which resonates with energy and evokes a distinct sensation:

Violet Beauty and Creativity
Intuition and Mysticism
Knowledge and Expression
Balance and Love
Wisdom and Intelligence
Orange – Happiness and Confidence
Vitality and Abundance

The combination of all represents light or enlightenment. My hope is that you feel that spectrum of emotions and it inspires you to connect with your purpose and discover harmony.

See my Buddha series here: http://www.dessiart.com/#!buddha/c1kar

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